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Weekly Family Advocacy Time

Our Advocacy Goals


All students will…  

o   Be prepared for college and careers in a global society

o   Feel valued, accepted, and respected by their Advocate

o   Develop an Individual Plan of Study to achieve their goals

o   Earn at least one of the seven Diploma+ endorsements


Teachers will be empowered in their role as Advocates to…

  • Understand their students’ interests and backgrounds (DQ8)
  • Demonstrate value and respect for their students (DQ9)
  • Guide their students to achieve postsecondary success


Advocacy Partners and The Individual Plan of Study (IPS)


Advocacy - Provides opportunities for Teacher Advocates to facilitate, support, and enhance relationships with their students over three-four years in order to develop specific character, personal, and social development skills students will need to earn a Diploma+ endorsement and achieve postsecondary success.


Advocates - Through meaningful standards-based instruction, over three-four years, Teacher Advocates are able to better understand their students’ interests and backgrounds in more authentic ways, thus producing a climate of acceptance and building a sense of community. Because of their enhanced understanding and knowledge of their students, Advocates are better able to demonstrate value and respect when working with their students’ to develop their Individual Plan of Study.


Students - Learn valuable skills related to their character, personal, and social development. They feel valued, accepted, and respected by their Advocate, thus leading to a meaningful, trusting partnership when creating their IPS, earning a Diploma+ endorsement, and achieving postsecondary success.


Individual Plan of Study (IPS) - Students value, understand, and use the information within their IPS to set goals and make informed decisions that will lead to Diploma+ endorsements and postsecondary success.