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Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

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Welcome to Washington High School Air Force Junior ROTC


Welcome to the Washington High School Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) program. The Kansas 931st (KS-931) AFJROTC was established at Washington High School in the fall of 1993 by agreement between the Unified School District 500, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools, and Headquarters of the United States Air Force JROTC.


The Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) is a retired U.S. Air Force officer and the Aerospace Science Instructors (ASI) are retired U.S. Air Force commissioned and noncommissioned officers. These instructors have extensive professional military education and training, as well as many years experience teaching and training others.


The AFJROTC curriculum includes aerospace science, leadership instruction training, and  a E2C/Wellness Program (Physical Training (PT)). Cadet officers and noncommissioned officers learn leadership and management skills by organizing and directing the KS-931st AFJROTC Wing. Our mission is simply developing citizens of character dedicated to serving the nation and community. (Enrollment in the corps in no way obligates the cadet for military service.)


The information contained on this website
may also be informative to principals, counselors, teachers, and parents.


The standards documented on this website support the leadership and personal development objectives of the AFJROTC program and if taken in the spirit in which it is intended will provide the foundation for a pleasant and profitable educational experience. It contains policy, guidance, requirements, and rules of conduct for all AFJROTC cadets at Washington High School. We recommend that both parents and cadets review the information contained on this website thoroughly. Cadets will be held responsible for its contents during daily activities and examinations while enrolled in AFJROTC courses at Washington HS. 


We wish you success and personal satisfaction as a member of the Washington High School KS-931st Wing.


Washington HS Air Force Junior ROTC Instructor Staff


Lt. Col. Patrick McCormack, USAF (Retired) 

Senior Aerospace Science Instructor

(913) 627-7908  


Major Rosalind Woody, USAF (Retired)

 Aerospace Science Instructor

(913) 627-7812


 CMSgt Ira McKinney, USAF (Retired)              

 Aerospace Science Instructor

(913) 627-7908


MSgt Richard DeLacy, USAF (Retired)

 Aerospace Science Instructor

(913) 627-7908


Lieutenant Colonel Patrick E McCormack: also known as the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI). Cadets will address him as “Sir” or “Colonel.”  Lt Col McCormack is a retired Air Force officer and has the responsibility for managing the entire AFJROTC program here at Washington.


Major Rosalind Woody, Chief Master Sergeant Ira McKinney, and Master Sergeant Richard DeLacy: also known as Aerospace Science Instructors (ASI). Cadets will address them as Ma’am or Sir or as “Major”, “Chief”, or “Sergeant,” respectively.