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KS-931 Promotion Guide

KS-931 Washington High School AFJROTC Promotion System



During each quarter of the academic year cadets will be evaluated to determine if they meet the requirements for promotion to the next rank higher than the current rank which they currently hold. Those cadets that meet the requirements will be eligible to complete the promotion testing. Any cadet that successfully passes their exam will be promoted to the rank for which they have
completed testing.


Information For Promotion Eligible Cadets:


Promotion eligible cadets must wear their uniform in accordance with AFI 36-2903 and the KS-931 Cadet Guide to complete promotion testing.  Review the KS-931 Cadet Guide for dress, appearance, and grooming standards prior to your promotion testing. Any cadet not meeting dress, appearance, and grooming standards on their promotion testing date will automatically fail the promotion exam. This guide can be found in the locker associated with this page.


Most importantly, review the KS-931 Promotion Guide to determine the material you will need to STUDY to pass your promotion examination. This guide can be found in the locker associated with this page.


No permanent or temporary rank will be awarded until the cadet has passed the appropriate promotion examination. 80% is the minimum score to pass a promotion test.


Special Request for Out Of Cycle Promotion Consideration:


Cadets that feel they are ready for promotion out of cycle may submit an application to their squadron commander for consideration and forwarding through the chain of command. Squadron commanders are responsible for notifying the cadet if their application is approved or disapproved for promotion. If disapproved, the cadet will be provided the reason for disapproval, and the recommended actions the cadet can take to garner favorable approval in the future.


Meeting Minimum Rank Requirements For Unit Positions:


Positions within the unit are designated a specific minimum rank, the occupant of that position must achieve at least that minimum rank to hold the position. Both enlisted and officer cadets may possess multiple billets/positions if there isn’t enough qualified cadets within the unit. However, they must earn the rank for highest billet/position/title that they are selected to hold. 


Cadets that are selected for a position that is more than one rank above their current rank, must first pass all of the lower rank tests before they can take the test for the rank associated with their unit position. However, these cadets will be enrolled in an accelerated promotion test program and may take the tests as soon as they determine they are ready to successfully complete the requirements for the lower ranks. They may do this until they have successfully completed all the requirements for the lower ranks and the rank associated with their position. After that they will only be considered for further promotion during the quarterly promotion cycles. 


Stripes For Exceptional Performers (STEP) Promotions:


The SASI may select any enlisted cadet for immediate promotion to next higher rank than the rank the cadet currently holds based on exceptional performance of their positional duties within the unit. A cadet that is selected does not have to pass a promotion examination to be promoted.

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