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KS-931 Cadet Guide

The Cadet Guide

The Instructors and cadets of the KS-931st Wing at Washington High School prepared this cadet guide for your use. It is not a regulation although it refers to Air Force regulations and gives guidance in areas not practically regulated. This guide may also be informative to principals, counselors, teachers, and parents.


The standards in the Cadet Guide support the leadership and personal development objectives of the WHS AFJROTC program and if taken in the spirit in which it is intended will provide the foundation for a pleasant and profitable educational experience. It contains policy, guidance, requirements, and rules of conduct for you an AFJROTC cadet at Washington High School. I recommend you study this guide thoroughly. You will be held responsible for its contents during daily activities and examinations.


We wish you success and personal satisfaction as a member of the Washington High School KS-931st Wing.

Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Locker