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AFJROTC Admission, Transfers, and Completion Requirements

Air Force JROTC Admission, Transfers, Completion, and Disenrollment Procedures






Air Force JROTC Admission, Transfers, Completion, and Disenrollment Procedures



To be eligible for admission into, and continued enrollment into the AFJROTC program, each student must be:

- In a grade above the 8th grade but not have exceeded their fourth year in high school.

- A citizen or national of the United States or an alien admitted for permanent residence.

- Enrolled in and attending a regular course of instruction at Washington High School (Home schooled students may participate if approved by the Principal and SASI).



Students transferring from Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or other AFJROTC units are authorized full credit for training received. Transfer of rank held in another service program will be considered after evaluation by an Aerospace Science Instructor.



Passing grades in each credit-granting period of AFJROTC constitutes successful completion. Cadets may be awarded certificates even if they do not graduate from high school since the certificate is based only on AFJROTC performance. Cadets will be awarded a Certificate of Training proportional to the number of AFJROTC courses passed.



The principal, in coordination with the SASI, determines disenrollment from AFJROTC. Disenrollment should be a last resort preceded by substantiated documentation and corrective counseling. A cadet may be removed from the AFJROTC program for:

  • Failure to maintain acceptable standards.
  • Inaptitude or indifference to training.
  • Discipline reasons.
  • Failure to remain enrolled in school.
  • Individual request
  • Any other reason deemed appropriate by the principal and the SASI.