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Air Force JROTC Curriculum Overview

Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Curriculum Overview

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Air Force JROTC is not a basic military training course, it is a leadership and 21st Century Skills development course, subsequently no military service obligation is incurred by enrollment or participation in any of its programs.


Carefully screened, qualified, retired Air Force personnel guide the cadets through the program. Each participating school is authorized at least one commissioned officer as the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) and one noncommissioned officer as an Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI).


The Air Force JROTC curriculum has three focal points: Aerospace Science, Leadership Education, and the Extreme Excellence Challenge (E2C).


  • The Aerospace Science curriculum focuses on the historical, scientific, and technical aspects of aerospace power. It constitutes the core of the JROTC program.
  • Leadership Education provides experiences to develop discipline, responsibility, communications skills, and citizenship. Cadets learn leadership fundamentals to prepare them for leadership responsibilities within the cadet corps, WHS, the local community, and future endeavors. Leadership education includes wearing the cadet uniform, engaging in Air Force customs and courtesies, participating in drill and ceremonies, giving and receiving instructions, and becoming leaders and members of an organization.
  • The E2C program is the Wellness Program (PT). Cadets will participate in various activities such as stretching, strength training, running, and sports designed to help them increase their flexibility, strength and endurance . Physical Fitness tests will be given twice a year in accordance with the Presidential Fitness Program standards. Cadets that meet or exceed the standards will qualify for the award of the AFJROTC Health and Wellness Ribbon.